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Black and white still life

In which Christopher Robin leads an expedition to Alderaan. 

I can see Jackson doing this.


Scumbag Genetics

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Fabulous kitten

White blood cell eating a bacterium. 

Thor and Agent Coulson on their days off


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I’m back!

So, I have secretly (not really) decided to get back on Tumblr. I unfollowed nearly everyone that I was following, in an attempt to start anew. 

And I’ll start it all off right with a cute picture.

Omg its a baby rabbit full of cuteness.

Omg its a baby rabbit full of cuteness.

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I’m sure to never forget the lyrics now. - Imgur

Sexual calorie chart - Imgur

Fairy wasps are the smallest known insect. This is a fairy wasp, alongside an amoeba and a paramecium. - Imgur

Kids today - Imgur